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Rim Repair

Save Money with Wheel Repair

Wheel Repair in Mississauga, ON

Custom and factory wheels are one of the more expensive purchases for a car. When damage occurs to one or more of your wheels, it doesn't mean you're without a more affordable solution than replacement.

At Johnston and Magwood Wheels & Tires, we specialize in wheel repair. We handle dents, bent rims, and refinishing so that you can get back on the road in no time. Whether you need a wheel refinishing service or rim repair, our technicians are on hand to restore your wheels to like-new appearance and get them rolling again.

Restore Wheel Appearance

The cosmetic appearance of your alloy or chrome wheels can be difficult to maintain. Wheels are consistently exposed to harmful road elements like tar, dirt, salt, and stones. Minor impacts like curb damage and pothole damage have adverse effects on the appearance and performance of your wheels.

Take the miles off your wheels at Johnston and Magwood Wheels & Tires.

We serve Mississauga, ON, Brampton, ON, Oakville, ON, and surrounding areas.

Wheel Repair vs Replacement

Wheel repair is in general around 40% cheaper than buying new wheels, but it's not always the right choice. If you were already thinking about switching wheels or your wheels are severely damaged, buying new might be a better option. Here's how wheel repair compares to wheel replacement in certain situations:

  • Cosmetic Damage: Scratches and corrosion look bad but don't require you to replace your wheel. Many motorists come in for a wheel repair service to fix blemishes and bring wheels back to like-new appearance. There's little reason to buy new wheels in this instance unless you're going for a different look. Otherwise, wheel repair and wheel refinishing services provide an affordable alternative.
  • Bent Rim Repair: A small bend in your rim from a pothole is serviceable. Rim straightening should always be done by an experienced technician. Our technicians have years of combined experience in wheel repair and use specialized equipment to return your wheel to a round shape. During the process, the wheel is heated to a high temperature, then welded into shape.
  • Severe Structural Damage: Severe damage impacts wheel integrity and cannot be safely repaired. We inspect all wheels to determine their eligibility for a structural repair. In the event your wheel is unsafe to service, we offer a wide selection of replacement wheels.

Most wheels are serviceable. If you aren't sure about the state of your factory or custom wheel, call to talk with a knowledgeable member of our team. Describe the damage or show us in shop. Remember that driving on a damaged wheel is dangerous and can cause problems to other parts of your car.

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Check Wheel Status for Hidden Damage

Build-up of rust and debris is a good reason to seek a wheel conditioning service. You might have scratches or blemishes you're unaware of because the cracks and defects are hidden below the dirt and rust. Let a wheel repair technician blast your wheel for examination.

We pride ourselves on returning like-new appearance and performance during each and every wheel repair service.

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Johnston and Magwood Wheels & Tires in Mississauga, ON

Johnston and Magwood Wheels & Tires is your source for name brand tires and custom wheels in the greater Mississauga, Ontario region. Our dedicated technicians are well-trained to work on any vehicle and offer the correct tires to match, whether it is related to low-profile tires, mud terrain tires, all-terrain tires, slicks, drag-racing, drift tires or competition tires. When you visit Johnston and Magwood Wheels & Tires you can also count on us for the right rims and rim repair services to get you rolling again. Need tire or wheel service? We've got you covered with nitrogen inflation, flat tire repairs, tuner nuts, lock keys, hub rings, and more. We also offer tire storage. We cover our service around GTA, including Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Oakville, Toronto, Scarborough, Hamilton, and Burlington. 

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